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wpd USA Inc.

wpd USA Inc. is involved in solar projects across several states and in various stages of development. Our headquarters is located in Mission Viejo, CA with a regional office in Columbia, SC. We have a flexible development strategy, coming in as early as land acquisition and retaining long-term ownership as an IPP. We are furthermore open to various partnership / co-development structures.

wpd has recently acquired an experienced US development team and assets. With over 20 years of combined experience in wind energy development, resource analysis, transmission interconnection, land acquisition, permitting and power marketing, wpd’s US group is actively pursuing development of wind projects in the Western States and Midwest Region.

The wpd Group develops and operates onshore wind farms and solar farms. With its 4,000 employees, the company is engaged in 31 countries worldwide. Since late 2016, the company also operates in the US market. wpd USA Inc. is focused on solar PV development, design, site analysis & land acquisition, permitting, financing and power marketing in the US.

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Depending on customer requirements and together with industry leading partners, we provide structuring advise for suitable investment solutions. Focusing on fiscal and regulatory requirements and particularly ease of use, we deliver a worry-free package to our customers.

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