Development timeline / process

From initial site selection to construction and the delivery of power, a successful wind energy project must go through a process of resource evaluation, transmission evaluation, design, land acquisition, environmental study, cultural study, and permitting at Federal, State, and local levels. Wpd is committed to close, open, and honest with cooperation with local governments, communities, landowners, and stakeholders throughout the process to ensure the success of the project.

  • Evaluate regional power markets
  • Identify Transmission Access and available capacity
  • Evaluate Wind Energy Resouce
  • Evaluate environmental feasibility
  • Evaluate Construction feasibility

Identify landowners / stakeholders
Engage and inform landowners, stakeholder etx
Engage local permitting authorities
Inform / engage Transmission providers / power markets

  • Determine project boundaries
  • Determine possible turbine / access road locations
  • Secure Land Lease Agreements
  • Perform preconstruction studies
  • Obtain permits from Federal / State / local agencies
  • Finalize Land Lease Agreements
  • Finalize Transmission Interconnection Agreement
  • Secure Power Purchase Agreement
  • Procure turbines, substation & euipment
  • Construction of existing road improvement & access roads
  • Construction of turbines
  • Construction of Substation, collection system and O& M building

Project online and power delivered to customers

Payments to landowners T into county tax base

Ongoing Operations & Maintenace & Post Construction studies