wpd can look back on another successful trade fair at HUSUM Wind 2023, the most important specialist trade fair for renewable energies in the German-speaking market. “We are delighted that we were able to consolidate existing contacts with project partners, land-owners, financiers and manufacturers in this sector, advance projects and get to know new market participants,” states wpd CEO Dr. Gernot Blanke.

Overall, the developer and operator from Bremen sees itself as excellently positioned. In the onshore sector, it is expecting to commission projects on a scale of around 330 MW in Germany for 2023. “We notice that the number of approved projects is growing. The new political framework conditions are starting to bear fruit,” COO Dr. Hartmut Brösamle explains. The Ehra-Lessien and Oyle-Bühren wind farms in Lower Saxony were recently officially inaugurated. The prospects for wpd on the global stage are also excellent. Following success in Italy where the first onshore project has entered implementation, and the construction of the 100th turbine in Finland as well as the 200th to be commissioned in Taiwan, a whole series of wind farms are currently under construction at the same time in France – the first of which are due to be commissioned this year.

wpd is currently active in a total of 29 countries around the globe. In July, the wpd office in Ukraine was successfully opened. All around the world, there are projects at differing stages of planning, approval and implementation in various markets. “We are consequently constantly on the lookout for specialists and lateral entrants to support our growth. Our HR team was able to establish promising contacts at the fair in Husum,” says CFO Björn Nullmeyer.

While the company continues to grow at a rapid pace, there has been one change: the change of legal form from wpd AG to wpd GmbH was completed on 21 September 2023 with its registration in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Bremen. “There are no plans to go public and with this change we are underlining our origins as a medium-sized company. Our outstanding position in the various divisions together with continuity in shareholders and management ensure stability in the company,” Nullmeyer continues. With Dr. Gernot Blanke, Dr. Hartmut Brösamle and Björn Nullmeyer, the company can continue to rely on the previous management board of wpd AG in their new capacity as the management team of wpd GmbH.


About wpd

As a developer and operator (IRPP) of wind and solar farms, wpd is one of the market leaders in Germany. The company was founded in 1996 and it currently has 18 offices in Germany with its headquarters in Bremen. IRPP business comprises projects in its own portfolio with a total capacity of almost 2,623 MW of which almost 1,000 MW are in Germany. Thanks to its outstanding expertise, the company is a reliable partner for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Besides its international markets in Europe, Asia, North America and South America, wpd is primarily expanding its activities in the German market and has a project pipeline totalling 15,775 MW for onshore wind projects and 3,235 MW for solar energy.